Qingdao Museum




Ali Saoudi, 1949 in Casablanca geboren, zog als junger Mensch nach Frankreich um Medizin zu studieren. Nach einem Jahr verschlug es ihn aus verschiedenen Gründen nach Deutschland, wo er sich an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf  immatrikulierte und 1977 seinen Meisterschülertitel bei Joseph Beuys erhielt.

Saoudi Ali was born in 1949 in the "White City" reputation of Casablanca, a young man went to France Sinology doctors, for various reasons after one year he went to Germany. During Germany, Saoudi enters Duesseldorf Art Academy, he received his PhD in 1977 the German art. Fluent in Arabic, French, German and Spanish, he can be free access between the various cultures, so as to obtain a wealth of creative inspiration. Living in Germany more than 30 years, his paintings toured Europe, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, Switzerland, and the United States, famous in Morocco and Germany.

Years of French life, his paintings full of rich French style, the past 30 years has brought its portion of oil paintings, prints and works of Mr. Saoudi multimedia imaging, whether exotic fun, passion or imagination body shape, all show a painter of nature and man's most sincere love, and its as 'pure' as eternal passion just as the Mercedes-Benz brand for customer service standards endless pursuit of the same dedication to the arts.



First speech by the Qingdao Municipal Museum curator Liu Yuanming, he represented all the staff of the museum for the arrival of Ali Saoudi's warm welcome, painter Ali Saoudi said in his speech, he was very grateful to the organizers of this exhibition, Qingdao Museum, Qingdao United States Association, the organizer of Qingdao Hengrun auto sales & service Co., Ltd. and all the scene of the guests and friends, and I believe this to Qingzhilv make his impression of China to do more in-depth understanding of China. Qingdao cultural and landscape will once again inspire his inspiration.